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Whatever your needs, we can help. Andersen Chartered Accountants  (ACA) is an auditing firm based in United Arab Emirates offering accounts, assurance, taxation, business advisory and support services to a wide range of businesses and individuals. Andersen Chartered Accountants is an independent firm and has no affiliation, networking or association with any auditing, accounting, tax or legal firm.

At ACA we provide a cost-effective, high value and innovative solution to meet all of your business needs. We work hard to deliver professional and timely advice to improve your business and personal wealth. If you are looking for a team of reliable, professional and approachable accountants who will do more than just respond to your accounting needs – who will work with you in a proactive manner to help you succeed, we would be delighted to be of service. To find out more about how ACA can help you and your business.


Audit and Assurance

In a world shrinking in distance and economically becoming increasingly border-less, the success of the business is pre-dominantly heavily rely on reliable financial information which promotes confidence and mitigates an array of uncertainties.

Corporate and Secretarial

We offer wide range of services in this area which include:

Formation of companies / Registration of Branch

Allotment and transfer of shares


Other Services

We also offer following value added and innovative services to our clients:

  • Business Acquisitions
  • Selling Business
  • Inventory counting and valuation
  • Corporate and Executive Training

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Combining the best computer hardware and software and years of experience, we can attend to all your accounting needs, including account processing; payroll; monthly reports; creditors’ and debtors’ ledgers; right up to the preparation and lodgment of your tax returns.

Management Consultancy

The aim of our consultancy services is to help clients in analyzing and strategically planning the solutions to practical problems and introducing effective management approach and practices in their organizations.

Business Valuation

Well-substantiated valuations by qualified professionals are more critical than ever to helping businesses achieve their financial objectives. We value business enterprises and ownership interests. We also value intangible assets such as trademarks, patents, software, and customer lists.

Taxation Consultancy

We provide professional opinions and most suitable advices on practical questions and complete range of tax services covering all aspects of value added tax.

Our approach is to ensure that our clients get the most beneficial tax treatment whilst complying with the complex requirements of the tax statutes and regulations.

Financial Consulting

Knowing how a Bank is going to view your loan request and being able to see and know what their analysis is going to tell you before you go to the Bank are important to you. There is a very good possibility that we can put together the right factors that will produce the best interest rates and other loan terms that are important to your business.

Business Plan

As you contemplate developing your plan, keep in mind that the objective of the project is two folds: obtaining the required financing from bank and investors and running your business most successfully. A complete thoughtful business plan is perhaps the best tool you can have to help you reach these long-term goals.

Business Acquisitions

For a person planning to buy a business, ACA can be of significant assistance. Whether you have already identified a potential target, or are just beginning the process, our strategic and tactical advice on business acquisitions can be invaluable.

Selling Your Business

We assist you in every phase of the selling process, including market research, preparation of the Descriptive Memorandum, the approach to the buyer, and key meetings and negotiations. Considerable expertise and specialization is needed to consummate a sale of your business.

Inventory Counting & Valuation

Determining the quantity of items that you have on hand within your facilities is a necessary part of running an efficient operation. Our experienced inventory associates have worked with numerous retailers to provide effective and efficient inventories.

Corporate & Executive Training

Progressive organizations have moved into developing their key executives as strategic global thinkers and realigning the resources for optimum productivity. How do organizations achieve this? The answer lies in their efforts to devise a well-thought-out development plan for each of them.